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Internists located in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA

Imagine having your own doctor available to you at any time for any and all medical questions and concerns. The internal medicine physicians at Roxbury Concierge Doctors provide highly personalized care to all patients who participate in the concierge service, which makes your care their priority. If you live in Beverly Hills, California, or the surrounding West Los Angeles area, call today or schedule an appointment online with a concierge doctor.

Concierge Q & A

What is a concierge doctor?

The concierge doctor at Roxbury Concierge Doctors is a health care professional dedicated to providing you with the most personalized medical care possible. The concierge doctor purposely keeps the schedule open and fluid so you get the time you need to receive attentive care, which allows the doctor to focus on wellness instead of sickness.

What is the concierge medicine service?

The concierge medicine service at Roxbury Concierge Doctors is a specialized program that gives you direct access and attentive care from the professional medical team. To participate in the concierge medicine service, you pay an annual $2,400 fee billed to your credit card in $600 increments quarterly.

As a participant, you not only have regular access to the skilled physician, but also priority scheduling for specialized tests and appointments, no additional fees for medication prior authorization, and same-day appointments for urgent medical matters.

What can I expect from the concierge doctor?

As your concierge doctor, the physicians at Roxbury Concierge Doctors provide a number of specialized services to help keep you well and manage any health concerns.

The concierge service includes a comprehensive annual exam, which is used to assess your health. During this exam the doctor obtains your medical history and gives you a head-to-toe examination, a wellness test with recommendations, and an evaluation for any specific health conditions.

The doctor also reviews your medications and provides any necessary treatments or tests, such as vaccinations, allergy testing, or blood work. As a full-service practice, the concierge physicians can conduct specialized tests at the office including X-rays, ultrasounds, stress tests, and echocardiogram.

After any specialized testing, the concierge doctor personally calls you to go over the results.   

How do I get in touch with the concierge doctor?

As a participant in the concierge service at Roxbury Concierge Doctors, you have regular access to your concierge physician by phone or email.

For after-hours or weekend emergencies, you can reach the concierge doctor over the phone. For non-emergency concerns or administrative issues, you can send queries to a dedicated email address.

Does the concierge doctor do house calls?

If the concierge doctor can’t schedule an appointment for you at the office or you’re too sick to leave the house, a home visit may be an option. However, house calls may incur an additional fee.

To start reaping the benefits of the concierge medicine service, call or schedule an appointment with the online booking agent.